Amber Joiner-Hill, The Owner

As a macro-level social worker, I want to make an impact on a systemic level. Over the past eight years, I have worked with nonprofits, for-profits, Boards of Directors, and government entities. I’ve gained experience in leading the creation of strategic plans, conducting qualitative research, providing education on the topics of culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and writing technical reports. Some of my previous work includes a focus on homelessness, diversity in the workplace, and cultural awareness in service provision.

Professional Highlights

  • Research on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within professional membership organizations
  • Session presenter at 2022 University of Michigan Building Healthy, Strong Communities Conference: “Social Work & Entrepreneurship”
  • Session presenter at 2020 Casey Family Programs Data Leaders Convening: “Racial Equity Indexes in Child Welfare”
  • Select course completions:
    • Becoming an Anti-Racist Social Worker
    • Human Centered Design 101
    • Group Facilitation Skills: Helping Groups Reach Agreement
  • BA Psychology, University of Michigan
  • MS Social Work, University of Texas
  • Curriculum Vitae available here

Magnolia Detroit Consulting, The Business

There are countless organizations with great ideas and hardworking staff, but they lack the time or know-how to put it all together and meet their goals. Based in North Carolina, MDC fills that gap by providing resources to organizations and companies that want to increase their ability to operate effectively and efficiently. With MDC, you will experience reliability, clear communication, and quality products.

What does the name mean?

I am proud to call Detroit my hometown, but know that my loved city comes with its negative stereotypes. One of my fondest moments in the city was visiting a friend’s house and appreciating the fully bloomed magnolia tree in his backyard. The bright flowers, sun-kissed green grass, and light breeze in the air represent the Detroit that I grew up in. A true beauty surrounded by concrete and good people.

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